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Redline SFR Regulator (Super Fast Refresh)




HPA in Airsoft has Evolved.

Engines are more efficient and run at lower pressures than in the past. Therefore the demands on the regulator have changed too.

With the lower operating pressures and higher efficiencies of modern HPA engines, the regulator must be much more sensitive in order to properly react to the smaller "pressure pulse" of each shot. This is especially true when running a remote hose since the air volume in the hose acts as an "air capacitor" further dulling the pressure pulse that the regulator sees. Failure of the regulator to react properly to this dulled (dampened) pressure pulse can be interpreted by the user as "shoot down" or a "slow refresh rate."

The SFR is Redline Airsoft's newest regulator. It combines high sensitivity and a super fast refresh rate with a high flow design. It performs equally well whether powering an air sipping PolarStar "Jack" at 40 PSI or an air hungry Daytona gun at 120 psi. It also works with both standard high output and SLP/ELP type low output tanks.

The SFR is a fully balanced regulator. Why is that important?

Unbalanced regulators are subject to what is known as "supply pressure effect." That means the regulators output pressure is affected by changes to its input pressure.

Unbalanced regulators can have a very large pressure change as their supply tank empties. Importantly on some types of regulators, that pressure change can cause the regulators output pressure to rise as the supply tanks pressure drops.  That can result in an undesirable situation since any rise in output pressure will cause a corresponding rise in velocity.

The SFR's output pressure is unaffected by changes to its input pressure. That means even as your tank empties, the SFR's output pressure and therefore your velocity, will remain unchanged.

The SFR also includes a new, more intuitive, integrated tournament lock and an overpressure relief valve. The Redline SRF is 100% made and assembled in the USA.



Redline SFR Key Features:


  1. High quality components
  2. Highest performing regulator on the market
  3. Integrated tournament lock
  4. All of our air systems come with our super flexible Hi-Flow "Big Bore" braided hose standard
  5. Easy to maintain


Redline N7 HPA Engine



The Redline N7 is a Patent Pending HPA drop in cylinder replacement.

The N7 is not just another cylinder replacement engine. It uses a single solenoid, and is designed to replace an AEGs compression cylinder, but that’s where the similarities end. The N7 is a truly unique design. Unlike other manufacturers HPA cylinder replacements, the N7 has a forward biased nozzle and fires from a true closed bolt.

 Due to its true closed bolt design the N7 is much more consistent in seating the BB in the bucking from shot to shot when compared to typical open bolt designs. The result is more consistent shot to shot velocity, tighter groupings and greater accuracy at range when compared to open bolt type engines.

 Another unique feature of the N7 is that it uses a fixed volume, mechanically sealed, dump chamber. Rather than relying on solenoid dwell to control the volume of air used to propel the BB, the N7 fills an internal chamber at the pressure set by the users external supply regulator. When fired, this air chamber is mechanically sealed off from the supply and the chambers contents released down the barrel to propel the BB. This feature contributes to the N7's excellent shot to shot consistency, with no air wasted do to improper dwell settings.

 The N7 is also super simple to set up. Since there is no poppet dwell to tune you just set your supply regulators output pressure to match the Joules required and you are good to go. The proper amount of air needed for each shot regardless of BB weight, barrel length or any other factor is all that is released.

And while not completely eliminated, this design also results in the N7 having less "Joule Creep" when different BB weights are used when compared to other HPA engines. 

 The N7 will be available in 2 versions. A standard electro-pneumatic version, and the "N7 Milsim" fully

mechanical-pneumatic version.

 The electro-pneumatic version uses a solenoid, a trigger board, battery and programmable FCU and operates like a standard electro-pneumatic HPA engine. It has select fire, user programmable Semi Auto and Full Auto rates of fire, programmable Full Auto/Burst Mode and adjustable Nozzle Dwell.

 The N7 Milsim is the engine for the devote Milsim player. It is Semi Auto only and uses a reliable all mechanical-pneumatic design. The FCU and battery are eliminated and the trigger board and solenoid are replaced with a pneumatic valve, hoses, and solenoid plug.

 The trigger feel is fantastic and high semi auto rates of fire are easily achieved. And with no batteries or electronics to fail, playing in the rain/snow is no longer an issue or concern.

 Since the base N7 engine body is the same between models, conversion kits will be available that will allow you to convert an electro-pneumatic N7 to an N7 Milsim and vice versa.



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