Redline AirStockF.A.Q.



What is an AirStock?: The Redline AirStock (Patent Pending) is a custom stock assembly that allows you to mount an air tank directly to your PolarStar powered M4. It mounts in place of the buffer tube and eliminates the need to use a remote air hose and tank.

Will this fit my gun?: The AirStock is designed to work on AR platform guns only. It is pretty much a bolt on for the newer VFC based guns with the short buffer extension on the lower. Other manufactures guns may need some minor modifications.

Can I convert my gun back to a standard buffer tube if I want?: Yes you will be able to convert your gun back to a normal stock later if you wish.

Can I adjust the stock length?: The length of pull can be adjusted by about 1/2 inch, in 1/4 inchincrements by adding either the 1/4 inch thick Butt Pad or the Butt Pad plus the 1/4 inch standoffs.

How much does the AirStock cost?: The cost for an AirStock kit is $275.00

When will it be available?: The AirStock is available now.

Does the kit come with a regulator and all the parts I need to mount it to my gun?: Yes the kit comes complete. It has a Firebase regulator and all the mounting hardware, hoses and fittings needed for installation.

I already own a Firebase regulator, can I get an AirStock without a reg and use my own?: No the Firebase regulator used on the AirStock has a custom output manifold. This is necessary for mounting the regulator to the stock. We cannot include the manifold in the kit since the reg bodies and manifolds must be matched for alignment reasons.

Does the kit include an air tank?: No tanks are not included.

How many shots will I get per tank?: We are getting approximately 700 shots per tank out of a carbine with a stock Engine. We are getting about 900 shots from a carbine with high efficiency mods.

What high efficiency mods?: We recommend you run your PSI in the 60 to 90 PSI range and use either a low flow poppet or our Poppet shims to reduce the air flow through the poppet valve. You should also run your DP as low as possible while still allowing for reliable operation.

What kind of tanks does the AirStock use?: The AirStock is designed to use 13cu low output pressure (300 psi or less) tanks only. Tanks with an output pressure above 300 psi will damage the system! The Ninja 13cu SLP is the only tank currently available but the Guerrilla Air 13cu ELP tank should be available starting some time in December 2013

What is the cost per tank?: The Ninja 13cu SLP tanks are $80.00ea We do not have final pricing on the Guerrilla Air tanks but expect them to be about the same, possibly slightly cheaper.

Will it come with a tank cover of some sort?: No

Why not?: Anything over the top of the tank makes it harder/slower to change tanks in the field and would add cost. Our design was inspired by the M14 EBR and the Honey Badger M4. It gives the gun a reasonably realistic look while still being highly functional on the field.

What about a RAP 4 type oftank cover?: We looked at the RAP 4 tank cover/stock and other options and felt that compared to our design they looked just terrible. The RAP 4 stock is just huge! No matter what you put on it, it will never look just like a real gun so we decided to just let it be what it was.

Why didn't you design it to fit into a real stock?: There are no commercially available air tanks of a sufficient capacity that would allow us to do that.

What about a custom made tank?: We did ask the question and the costs to get a custom tank into production are significant. Think 10’s of thousands of dollars. New tank configurations (sizes) are a serious effort. The prototyping, tooling, certification, and 1st run production costs are too high for us to consider a custom tank at this time.

But what about MilSim players?: We take MilSim very seriously, and we understand that Airsoft players can be very focused on realism. As players we primarily only go to MilSim type events, and we designed the AirStock with the serious MilSim player in mind. Our opinion is that MilSim is more about using realistic tactics and techniques than it is about how you look doing it. We feel that an AirStock equipped PolarStar is actually more realistic to use than either an AEG or a standard remote hose PolarStar.

Why is that?: Being a PolarStar and not an AEG,it has the instant trigger response of a real rifle. By eliminating the remote hose you are no longer tied to your rifle, weapon handling is just like real steel. Also by having a smaller tank capacity it forces you into a more realistic playing style. For example you cannot use your M4 as a SAW since you don't have that big 90cu tank on your back. You need to act and think more like a real rifleman and pick your shots, not just spray and pray. As we said MilSim is more about how you play, not how you look.